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Active since 2006 operating in the design and implementation of software projects.

The internal skills of MIND3 are of a technical design nature, software writing, process analysis and digital transformations, skills that allow you to create, based on the characteristics of the project to be addressed, the most suitable team.

  • Guarantee our customers specialized tools to support their operational processes.
  • We support companies in all project management, from the analysis of the requirements, to the conception, design and implementation of the solution.
  • For the coordination and management of the projects we decided to use Scrum: "Scrum" is the most widespread Agile method, particularly suitable for complex and innovative projects.

The efficient integration between organization, management skills and new technologies today represents the value we offer to companies that want to maximize the results and the resources used, thus gaining market competitiveness.

Mind Solutions

The Mind3 platform and its verticalizations Travelplace, Mindcom and Watchful View

System Integrator

Integration specialists in different sectors and different management systems View

Customer develop

Realization of services and projects dedicated and customized to the customer View

Digital Trasformations

Analysis and implementation of business change projects related to technology View

Some Features

Some contents of the platforms

CMS-Content Management System

A natively integrated CMS with the possibility of landing, personalization

Google platform

Integrated on all the functions of Google Platform, Google Analytics, eCommerce, Campaigns and ADS

Social Tracking

Integration with social networks and other tracking systems of the traffic generated

Ecommerce Products Man

Physical Products, Flights, Hotels, Activities, Transfers, Car Rental, Trains, Cruises, Transfers, Rental Items, Ghift Box

Manual loading

Manual product upload tools with descriptions, prices, availability and promotions

Management System

Customer management system, sales, markup, commercial campaigns, collection systems, ...

TravelPalce solution

The verticalization of MindSolutions dedicated to Tourism. The first integrated management software with a dynamic product self-booking toll to offer to your B2C and / or B2B customers



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The numbers of Mind3

The esperienze gained covers the corporate areas of integrated information systems, organization and operational logistics and sales logistics, areas that are increasingly interconnected today.

Experience: Years in which we have supported customers as they grow.


Users: Users who use our applications on average every day

Integrations: Our systems communicate in real time with supplier and customer internal systems

Item: Summing up the various applications, today we manage different types of products in the various sub-sectors

Dalai Lama

Spiritual leader

If past actions are the cause pf your current situation, use the present so shape a better future.

Hanrry Ford

American industry

One of the greatest discoveries a man can do, one of his greatest surprises, is to find that he can do what he was afraid he could not do..

Winston Churchill


It's king of fun to do the impossible

Steve Jobs

Industrial designer, Investor

Every dream you give up is a piece of your future that ceases to exist.

Walt Disney

American animation industry

Time and conditions change so rapidly that we mast keep our aim costatntly focused on the future..

Vertical Solutions



  • CMS
  • Stock management
  • Property
  • Profile user
  • Cart
  • Google Platform
  • Social Itegration



  • Items Stock
  • Control Stock
  • Rder manager
  • Delivery point
  • Drop sheepment
  • Integrations
  • Delivery


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