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Customer Project

MIND3 has an approach to customer issues by studying customized solutions with a view to the efficiency of internal company processes by developing the ideas and projects within companies.

Innovate, develop, create and optimize

The principles at the center of our activities have always been. Through our skills and working methods, we make our customers' ideas concrete by reducing the waste of resources in terms of time and money.

  • Innovate find new operational and commercial solutions
  • Develop use of the tools most suited to the needs
  • Create and optimize use of the existing by integrating where necessary


in the development of complex web and non-web applications, in the design and implementation of platforms and software of various kinds by adapting the language and architecture of the systems to the characteristics required by the project.

  • WebApplications multilingual web work tools
  • Website sites desktop and mobile with optimization of the functionalities necessary for UX
  • Applications for pc with automatic distribution logics in safety

Development methodologies

To meet the needs of small and fast changes and the introduction of new features in a quick and customizable way, Mind3 has internally fully embraced the whole AGILE methodology both from a methodological point of view and from the software life cycle. Tools developed internally or used in a consolidated way by MIND3 are always used for continuous development and release of applications.

  • Visual Studio Code
  • SQL e Elastic search for Data base
  • eRobots automations tools for JOB
  • Programming languages: C#, .net
  • Framework: latest or penultimate version as well as one developed over the years by Mind3

Design Sprint

They are a working methodology born within Google Ventures, the Google investment fund, to help companies in their portfolio to improve their products quickly. In particular, a Design Sprint is a workshop that develops over 4 or 5 days of work and which allows a team to precisely identify the problem to be solved, devise possible solutions, choose the best solution, create a prototype of this solution. and test it with real users. All this is done according to precise collaborative logics that allow the work team to remove discussions or comparisons that are not very productive and instead make room for much more rapt and shared decision-making processes.

Whether it is the design of a new feature of a software, to rethink the checkout form of an e-commerce, to rethink a business process or even a hardware product, the real goal of a Design Sprint is to find the solution to a problem and, consequently, validate or invalidate the chosen solution. And all this is done in just 5 days of work. In other words: if even at the end of the workshop, the test participants do not give you positive feedback, at least you will have spent only 5 days of work


CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, it indicates all the web marketing techniques to maximize the conversion rate of a website, the conversion rate is the ratio between unique visitors and orders or actions that are carried out during a visit to our e-commerce by taking care of all process phases and product mixes.

In this field, many technical and analytical tools are used that concern access statistics, market analyzes, the UX of our website, optimized content. The classic Split A / B tests are usually used to test the effectiveness of a landing page, a call to action, a product page.

Conversion optimization arises from the need to increase sales or lead generation with the same number of visitors, so it does not aim to increase the audience of our site, its main purpose is to increase conversion. The ultimate goal is to maximize the cost of customer acquisition in purchase conversions.


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